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A Chat with Mikie Wine on Living with Barbie Kyagulanyi; Pursuing Girlfriend as a Celebrity

If you are an avid listener of Ugandan music, then the name Mikie Wine should ring a clear bell.

Born Michael Mukwaya, Mikie Wine, who comes from a family of Kampala household names like Eddie Yawe, Chairman Nyanzi and, well, Bobi Wine, has for the years managed to cut his teeth through the music industry to create his own niche.

As we speak, he has moved from Bobi Wine’s Firebase Band to form his own entertainment crew called “Sulubada High School”.
Born in a family of 10, Mikie is the second last born of his mother, which gave the two an opportunity to bond strongly.
“I was in love with mum; she always travelled with me to Kampala to check on her houses until when she died,” he said.
Mikie Wine attended Busega Modern Primary School; Eagles Nest SS Mengo, and later Standard High School Zana for his higher education.

ChimpLyf’s Shamim Kawalha meets Mikie Wine

He joined the music industry in mid 2000s and released songs like “Yanimba” with Eddy kenzo, “Sweet Namata” among others that have since been hits in the Ugandan music industry.

Wine spoke to Shamim Kawalha, and the conversation focused on his life, musical journey and where he has been.

You being a mummy’s boy, how did you manage after her death?
It’s the hardest time of my life. Me and my brothers were young especially me and my little brother.

We didn’t know anything, we had to hustle but thank God for our elder brother Nyanzi gave us a big hand.
My mum liked me a lot because she always thought I would be a girl, only to turn out a boy.

She always kept me by her side. You know we only have one girl.

I later moved on to stay with Bobi Wine later who was paying my school feels.
Oh, you mean you stayed with Bobi — how was your experience staying with him?

By that time he had already married Barbie although they weren’t officially married.
First thing fist, our mum raised us as strong boys who could stay with any one.

We are all well behaved, so it was easy for me to stay with Barbie. By the way she’s very cool; she treated me like a first son.

And we were brought up to live together and love each other so whoever messes with any one of us has messed with the entire family.
That must be a strong bound you have. So did you join university?
I always join to learn but I have never finished any course.
After my form six, I joined Makerere University for Bachelors in Music, Dance and Drama but didn’t complete due to money.

By that time I was paying my tuition from my music.

After a year without study, I joined Kampala International University, and still I didn’t finish, which forced me to first relax and find good money and time.

I am now rejoining August next year for a degree in Law at Makerere University.
How will you manage Law school and Music?
I will handle very well. I am planning to graduate this time round (Laughing). There is time for everything and I have already wasted enough time.
How did you join the music industry?

Music is a talent and it was always hidden in me. When I released my “Yanimba” song with Eddy Kenzo, I became a house holdname and things changed for me.

That was the beginning of my musical career.
Who wrote “Yanimba”?
We all wrote our parts although I was the one who initiated the whole idea.

Kenzo is a good writer by the way and also a vocalist which made our song amazing. Our combination was just perfect.
By the way, what happened to your musical career later?
You don’t need to put your eggs in one basket; I try to put efforts on other productive things.
I am trying to make the best of my time.
Musically, one needs to grow, things change, the music I used to sing then won’t be the one I will sing tomorrow.

I can’t give my all in one album; I make singles or two in a year.
I produce my songs and they stay longer because I want them to last.
I am still in studio making new songs, in fact, I have a new song with Kenzo coming up.
Should we mark this as your comeback musically?
What do you call a comeback, my name is Mikie Wine not anything else.
I am not staging a music concert or a political show. I know what I want and when I want it. I had gone nowhere and I am going nowhere.
Is it true you helped Kenzo Rise to Fame?
I didn’t help kenzo, it was God. We came in as partners but as you know even these fingers are not equal or good at the same time.
We pulled each other but he had a different luck and he flourished.
One thing I know is that we are brothers and if he is rich, then I am also rich.

People may say that he is more famous than I am, but I want to let them know that we can never walk on the same pace.
Just like there are some other artists who have been in the game before Kenzo, but as we speak, his doing better than them.
By the way it’s about the image you build and what you have done, as I speak everyone knows about me. They know I am Mikie Wine.
So why are you joining Politics, are you copying your brother Bobi?
No I am not copying my brother; I am an old man who makes his own decisions.
I am joining because people keep calling me MP but I haven’t taken it serous as yet.

I will keep telling them my views and when the time comes I will stand for them to decide if I am worth their votes and services.
I want to give them my right personality in the right time.
Won’t you guys be competing with each other?
We can’t compete against each other because I love what he does.

I only compete with someone I don’t like, someone who is trying to bring the country down.
How did your brother joining politics change your life?
I feel ok by the way; I feel more energy than before. I now know Ugandans can trust someone without thinking of the money first.
Are you in a relationship?
Yes, with one beautiful woman, the mother of my kid. We stay together and we shall soon get married.
How did you meet this woman?
She wasn’t one of these slay queens; she’s one of a kind. I was moving around my village when I spotted her. I almost knocked her.
She laid to me about her name and even gave me a wrong number for three weeks.
Her parents didn’t like me a lot and it took me time to convince them that I am a better person.
Why her parents like you didn’t, weren’t a celebrity by that time?
Now that was the whole problem, being celebrity. They had a misconception about us. But I proved them wrong.

They are now my friends and soon I will marry their daughter.
Any last words to your fans?
I will always thank you for the love you give me. I am still boiling better things for you guys.
And for the media houses that always mind about us, I thank them especially you people (ChimpLyf) thank you so much for supporting Ugandan music.
Always be positive because life looks better on the other side.


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