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Sheebah Karungi, Rema Hit by ‘Hooligans’ in Mbale

Songbirds Sheebah Karungi and Rema Namakula encountered a tough Saturday night at hangout in Mbale called Thatch Gardens, when the fans they had come to perform for turned against them.

The terrible evening started when in the middle of the performances, a heavy downpour erupted, forcing revelers to seek shelter on the stage where musicians were acting from.

The rains started at around midnight, according to a statement from the bar, and on stage was ‘Team No Sleep’ singer Roden Kabako.

Sheebah karungi arriving in Mbale on Saturday

Before Kabako, another ‘Team No Sleep’ crooner Topic Kasente and a number of musicians based in Mbale had already sang for the concertgoers.

But as more people thronged the podium, it started appearing weak, prompting the bar management to request fans to vacate the stage as they also prepare for the next performer, who was Rema.

“It was almost breaking down!” reads the statement from the bar.

However, the audience did not welcome the idea of quiting the stage.

So as they left the podium, bar officials said, “They became violent, some started throwing bottles on the stage, hitting one of the Mcees and the DJ.”

Seeing the situation was get out of hand, “Rema was taken back to the car for her safety.”

“She was scared for her life,” the statement adds.

Despite the revelers turning rowdy, Sheebah seemed resilient and ready to perform.

She, therefore, “asked to go on stage first so that Rema follows.”

But a few minutes into her performance, “someone threw a bottle that hit her shoulder, but still she insisted, “Nina Okuyimba” with tears in her eyes.”

According to officials, she stayed on stage and performed for “over 25 minutes, the mood was back to normal and she then invited Rema to join her on stage.”

Together they did a back to back three songs session each.

It all went well until, officials said, “a certain hooligan who had a bottle in his hand wanted to throw it at Sheebah, some people tried to stop him, a fight broke up near the stage.”

It is at that moment that Sheebah finally gave up and they left the stage.

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