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‘Sacked’ Goodlyfe Manager Speaks on How Concert Money, Exploitation Sparked Fury

Lawrence Labeja, the former Goodlyfe manager, whom the duo reportedly fired has come out to refute accusations of ever stealing money from the duo.

This scandal comes up just a few weeks after Radio and Weasel held their ’10years of Raw’ concert at Kyadondo which was a success.

Manager Lawrence Labeja, speaking to our reporter said that he left the Goodlyfe to go do his own businesses because they failed to make their arrangement with him official.

“From the moment I joined Goodlyfe we made no official contract, I was given no appointment letter to define my responsibilities, working hours or salary, how can a normal person work under such conditions, even a house girl knows how much she earns,” said the bitter Labeja.

Sources say that Labeja is accused by the duo over financial related issues with the recent being running away with $4000 (about Shs14m) that was given to him for a show in America dubbed ‘Content Connect Africa’ hence firing him.

The manager discredited these claims saying, “I have never done such things, those men spinned the story to make me look bad because I approached them after the concert at Kyadondo to inquire how much I was getting and also to request that we make our arrangement official which they dint take so well, I wasn’t going to stand walking away with 50k after every concert.”

Labeja states that issues stem from the Goodlyfe having about five managers; Chagga Geoffrey, Emotions, Radio’s cousin(name not identified), and Emma Carlos, who Radio had just brought on board after falling out with his former artist Khalifa Aganana.

“The question was how the payment was going to be split amongst the five of us, I approached them on several occasions about this in vain, all those managers have no official arrangement, the duo always keeps people around to work for them as ‘friends’ which I could not do anymore because i have responsibilities,”Labeja pointed out.

Radio and Weasel posted on their official social media accounts that, “the below mentioned person is not an Employee of Goodlyfe Magic Limited. Whoever deals with therefore mentioned person Labeja Lawrence is doing it at his own peril.”

Labeja also exclaimed that, “if they claim that I was their employee, let them come out to the public and state how much I was being paid per month or any allowances I was given.”

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