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PHOTOS: Local Cuisines, Music Buck up Teso-Kampala Carnival

By Benjamen Emuk

It was a cheerful Saturday evening as Iteso folks gathered at Smiles Corner in Kireka, a suburb of Kampala for entertainment and socialization.

It was the second edition of the Teso-Kampala Carnival, an event organized by Teso at Heart.

Revelers paying attention to performances at the event

Teso at Heart was formed in 2015 to unite Iteso and develop Teso culture.

Lots of activities were put in order to engage the big numbers that graced the festival.

Plates showing different cuisines there were served

When it came to food, a variety of local cuisines were served, including but not limited to ecadoi, echomai, eboo, emagira, atap, akobokob and emuna.

For drinks — ajon, beer, wine were availed to help the revelers drive away their inhibitions. And this would be evidenced as the event proceeded.

Revelers chugged on beer as they enjoyed the event

Speaking at the event, Tom Okelloto, chairman Iteso welfare association thanked the organizers for making the event colorful, and recognisng the importance of culture.

“Iteso get together through events like this one to embrace their culture as they enjoy their privilege of being in the lap of nature,” said Okelloto.

Tom Okelloto, chairman Iteso welfare association

To spice up the occasion, the revelers were treated soothing Teso music followed by live performances from several upcoming and renowned Teso artists like Mighty Bony King, Bitterson,Simon Yam, Ibwalet, Last Born and many more.

Music performances were punctuated with modelling sessions, where models showcased Teso cultural wear.

Isaac Opolot, the brains behind the carnival and also the founder and President Teso at Heart, lauded his co- partners and all the people who turned up to support.

“Without you, this would not have been a success. Thank you for loving and being proud of Iteso culture,” he said.

Revelers dancing at the event

A musician performing at the event

Ajon drinking competitions

A model doing a catwalk at the event


Revelers chugged on beer as they enjoyed the event

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