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PICTURES: Stylish, Beautiful Ladies Flock Roast and Rhyme

The level of ‘slayage’ at the 5th edition of roast and rhyme was extremely astounding; most guys left their jaws dropped on the ground. Literally.

Friends arriving at the event

Beautiful, elegant babes were present at every turn during the event at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo.

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She opted for black and brown outfits

Shorts, patras, short skirts, tight jeans showing off flesh were the order of the day.

“I love such events because it’s where one gets to be free and dress whatever you want without any criticism,” said a one Lydia, who was attired in white shorts and a see through top.

She looked adorable in a jumpsuit

“It’s for the civilized only.”

Heads kept on turning at how amazing the girls looked stunning and alluring at the same time.

Denim is always classic

They danced to the good music, ate mouthwatering muchomo and galloped beer.

Casual and stylish

One Jacob, who had come out with his group of boys looked excited as he moved his eyes all over the place.

“The hotness in this place is completely blinding, we hope to get lucky,” he said with a wide evil grin.

Shades added a significant appeal to her look

By night time every one had gone crazy with drinks mingling up with each other as Maurice Kirya performed his love ballads for them.

Damage still rocks

Black looked awesome on her. And she looked pretty as well.

Valentine came early

Classic maroon dress

White and black can never disappoint

Long clothes are cool

She glowed in red

A new kind of damage

Friends day out

A little skin can’t annoy Fr. Lokodo

The two friends were really amazing

You might need to caption this

Friends arriving for Roast and Rhyme

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