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Pentecostal Pastors Wage War Against Pastor Yiga

Pastor Augustine Yiga aka Abizaayo of Revival Christian Centre in Kawaala, a city suburb, is having sleepless nights after fellow pastors waging war against him.

Yiga’s troubles come after the  National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC)  headed by Bishop Joshua Lwere, calling upon government to investigate several  cultic and false prophets  masquerading as pastors, yet they are hoodwinking, misleading  and robbing Ugandans.

The NFBAPC sat a convention of over 500 pastors across the country at Christian Life Church in Makerere, on Thursday, which was spearheaded by Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga.

During the convention, the Fellowship of Pastors declared a war against all false prophets and pastors  in  Uganda and vowed to fight them to the end.


The Convention also resolved to alert Ugandans and  make them aware of these false pastors by exposing them, on top of compelling government security agencies to take action against the pastors.

Apostle John Bunjo, a member of NFBAFC, stated during the convention that “We denounce the so-called pastors and prophets; Augustine Yiga, Samuel Kakande, and Brother Ronnie Makabai. They totally contravene, contradict and falsify the teachings of the holy bible and Christian church.”


Bunjo added that “ The above  pastors have never been part of the church and are enemies of the scriptures and Ugandans who only use dirty activities to satisfy their demonic interests.”


On his part, Pastor Ssenyonga said that; “We have received overwhelming complaints and evidence from several people who have fallen victims. We also have those  who have witnessed the horrendous activities and crimes of the false pastors.”

Ssenyonga noted that the mentioned false prophets and their branch churches masquerade as bible teachers yet they are the false prophets the bible warns about.


The pastors, who vowed to go ahead with their campaign, accused Yiga of allegedly preaching the gospel of vengeance because he claims to fight witchcraft by returning it to where it came from, on top of spreading immorality through his ABS TV Channel.

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