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KCCA Impounds Diners Lounge Sound System Over Noise

Officials of Kampala Capital City Authority KCCA have become so serious about noise pollution in Kampala and started impounding all those people perpetrating the same.

The latest victims are Diners Lounge Bukoto, whose sound system was impounded by KCCA operatives on Thursday afternoon, for allegedly making excessive noise in Kampala city.

The KCCA operatives also raided other bars in Kampala and confiscated music systems, because of their owners and or management failing to adhere to noise regulations.

Apart from Diners Lounge, the other facilities whose music systems were confiscated include Obama Bar and Sherry Bar situated in Kabalagala, Makindye Division.


According to schedule six of the National Environment (Noise Standards and Control) Regulations, 2003, Noise control zone sound Level for Kampala residential areas is 65 decibel (dB) during the day and 45 dB at night.


The purpose of noise standards and control regulations is to ensure the maintenance of a healthy environment for all people in Uganda, the tranquility of their surroundings and their psychological wellbeing by regulating noise levels.

The regulations prescribe the maximum permissible noise levels from a facility or activity to which a person may be exposed and provide for the control of noise and for mitigating measures for the reduction of noise.


It is this section that KCCA based on to impound music systems of the three bars. Peter Ssitenda, the KCCA environmental officer, who led the operation, said that “The owners of the bars have been warned and sensitised on what the law says but they have not adhered to the regulations.”


He added that “The bar owners will be summoned to KCCA court to defend themselves. Ssitenda said KCCA had received numerous complaints from people about noise that usually from the affected bars.


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