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Ex-Miss UG Sylvia Milks Her Breasts

Celebrated beauty queen Sylvia Wilson Namutebi, who is Talent 256 CEO Ali Alybhai’s wife, has revealed that she milks her breasts and feeds the baby on the breast milk, instead of breastfeeding.

Sylvia, who scooped  a deal to promote lingerie for a fashion house called Lauma Lingerie, revealed this morning how she scooped the deal and spilt secrets of how she milks herself using a breast pump.

She said thus about herself; “When I did this Lauma campaign, it was 6 months after giving birth to my son. Siisi called me and she was like “I know u have just had a baby but we need to shoot another campaign that can also speak to mothers. The tag line is “Lauma lingerie, it gives me confidence” and I still want you to be our brand ambassador. If you are up for it, your contract is ready. I was like of course, give me the time and date.”

Sylvia added that “When I arrived on set she was like, you already bounced back! But being a mom the shoot routine was very different, it had to be a maximum of 3 hours because I had left the baby with his dad and since I was still actively breastfeeding, I arrived on set with a breast pump!”

She continued to reveal that “The shots had to be quick and I had to be given time to pump in between changes. Being a mother is when you realise you are capable of so much and you are much stronger, and much efficient than you ever imagined. I managed to be on time, strike a pose, pump milk, change costumes, make my money and go back to my baby all in time!”

Most women have resorted to pumping their breasts these days in order to prevent them from sagging as a result of breastfeeding.


When we contacted Sylvia for a comment about the breast pumps she said that; “I got an electronic breast pump from Dubai and it was so helpful! This type is much better than the manual one. You connect the parts properly and plug it in, hold it on the breast and it starts pumping. I am not sure if they sell them here in Uganda you can ask around but mine I brought from Dubai.”


Sylvia Namutebi cuts a pose

Sylvia Namutebi

Sylvia with Ali Alibahi






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