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What Your Breasts Say about Your Health

Your breasts communicate a lot about what is going on inside your body.

Did you know that sometimes when they get big it is a sign you are gaining weight?

According to David Muwanguzi, a gym instructor in Kireka, big breasts are some of the consequences that come along with gaining weight.

Other signs that your breasts give off are the common ones like lumps, which doctors say are a possibility of growing cancer.

These are changes you ought to know in case you get these, because they are not just hormonal ups and downs but symptoms that speak volumes about your health.

Here are what your breasts are trying to tell you health-wise;

Itchy Nipples

Leaving soap or creams on your boobs can cause them to itch whereas sometimes it is brought about when one wears a bra made of fabric they are allergic to.

“However most times women get itchy breasts is a symptom that their periods are due, sometimes they even swell or hurt,” says Shakira Nanjala, a midwife at health center II hospital in Mukono.

Many girls like Ritah (second name withheld) a second year law student at MUBS testify that itchy, hurting nipples are a clear sign that she needs to start padding herself.

Bumps Around Nipples

Michael Kizito, a former doctor at Namirembe hospital in Mukono who now has his own clinic, says that “A large bump around your nipples is alarming.”

He adds that some of the possibilities could be cancer so if one realizes this they are advised to seek medical attention instantly.

“If the bumps are small and pimple-like, it means they are just ends of milk ducts inside the breasts and are normal,” Kizito explains.

Discharging Fluids

Doctors say that if your nipples discharge a white milky fluid yet you are not pregnant, it means that there is a possibility of an increasing in your levels of prolactin.

“Prolactin is a hormone that stimulates milk production,” explains Lucy, a pharmacist at Morid pharmacy.

She says that this fluid comes about if one is taking meds that increase prolactin levels in the body or may happen when one is physically stimulated.

It is advised to seek medical attention especially from a gynecologist to be safe regardless of the fact that it is usually normal.

Boobs Growing Big
As earlier mentioned in the introduction, when breasts are growing in size in most cases it is a sign of gaining weight.

We all know most of the causes of body fat like; over-eating fats, not working out, sitting for long hours, stress among others, which you must fight for health reasons.

Doctors say that sometimes it is due to hormonal changes during periods and pregnancy that makes breasts enlarge.

Stretch-marks on Breasts

Like stretch-marks appear on any other part of your body due to weight loss or gain, they  can also appear on boobs.

Gym instructor David Muwanguzi says that he always warns his clients of such consequences when they come in for weight loss sessions.

“The skin expands or contracts which brings about stretch-marks and breasts are not an exception,” he explains.

That is why stretch-marks and post pregnant bodies are ‘twins’; it is automatic for them to show up when the body shrinks after releasing the baby.

Irritation Under Breasts

There are so many reasons why both health and physical changes bring about this consequence.

Irritation brings about rashes that might appear due to wearing a bra that doesn’t lift up your breasts or reusing a dirty bra.

The other reason is that when one over wears a bra it also causes irritation. It is advisable to wear a bra for almost three months then throw it away.

Irritation under breasts could also mean crease between the bottom of your breasts and the skin beneath them is getting rubbed. The list goes on to using body products you might be allergic to among others.

However as the saying goes, when symptoms increase, seek medical advice.

Shrinking Boobs

To many people this is a worst nightmare because everyone desires those pointed, apple-shaped breasts.

Women are terrified of sagging breasts that roll to the floor like socks; that is why our Western friends go through all types of surgeries to keep them up.

However having shrinking breasts is not having a killer disease.

Most times it is a sign that one is losing weight.

Muwanguzi says that when women go to gym to do away with belly fat, sometimes other parts lose fat too like the breasts.

Shrinking may also indicate that one’s periods are due, so all that swelling disappears. It can also come about after the breastfeeding period is over.

If the size loss is drastic without any reason you can think of then it is important you get a medical examination.

Breast Hair Growth
According to medical professionals, this could mean high testosterone levels in one’s body. Dr. Kizito explains that this happens when ovaries or adrenal glands produce excessive amounts of male hormones.

He says that having a little hair on one’s breasts is completely normal. However, if you get more than a few stray strands yet they weren’t there before then you need to consult the doctors.

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