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Pastors Denounce Prophet Kakande, Demand Criminal Investigations

Born Again Faith (Balokole) leaders led by the Overseer, National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC) Bishop Joshua Lwere, have called upon government to commence investigations into a number of cultic and false prophets that are misleading Ugandans.

The call was made during a convention of over 5000 pastors across the country that gathered at Christian Life Church in Makerere, under the leadership of Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga.

The spiritual leaders have thus launched a campaign against all false prophets in the country with the aim of alerting Ugandans and causing government to take actions against such people.

“We denounce the so-called pastors and prophets; Samuel Kakande, Augustine Yiga and Brother Ronnie Makabai; these totally contravene, contradict and falsify the teachings of the holy bible and Christian church,” said Apostle John Bunjo, a member of NFBAFC.

Bunjo said that the above leaders have never been part of the church and are enemies of the scriptures and Ugandans who only use dirty activities to satisfy their demonic interests.

Addressing the media on Thursday, Pastor Ssenyonga said that the pastors have received overwhelming complaints and evidence from hundreds of people who have fallen victims and those that have witnessed the horrendous activities and crimes of the false pastors.

Ssenyonga said that the mentioned false prophets and their branch churches masquerade and disguise as bible teachers on the outside surface with a soft spoken approach, yet they are wrong doers and invoke spirits of the dead on the inside.

“They manipulate scriptures, stage-manage miracles and also commit crimes against humanity by involvement in occult worship, witchcraft, use and worship of snakes, beast worship, blood sacrifices, destroying marriages, families, human sacrifices among others,” Ssenyonga explained.

Ssenyonga has thus called upon Government to intervene and investigate the activities of the said church to prevent loss of more lives.



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