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DJs Battling in UG Mix Maestro Named

The UG Mix maestro is a massive music event at which disc jockeys from several parts of the country and beyond are set to showcase their skills at the turntables.

The UG Mix Maestro started as a regional tour during which all DJs around the country showed revelers what they are made of, until the grand finale that is slated for Saturday at Golf Course hotel.

Although there are several DJs set to perform at the show and they will be led by Trace TV’s Vocal Teknix, we bring for you a list of some of the top DJs who will be entertaining revelers.



Some of the DJs who will showcase  include;

DJ Roja and DJ Slick Stuart

These ones usually perform together as a duo, having hit stardom in 2016. The duo was named Africa’s finest DJs in the prestigious Nigerian Entertainment awards beating other professional DsJs in Africa. They were also voted the Wickedest DJs at the 2016 Buzz Teeniez Awards. They are resident deejays at KFM and have a huge following. DJ Roja also works at NBS TV’s After5 show hosted by MC Kats. They play at numerous city hangouts Cayenne, Laftaz and Space Lounge.

DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Roja


DJ Shiru

Shiru Kiberu aka 256 Spin Doctor is a renowned disc spinner who has won several accolades. He is loved by both artistes and fans and is by far the best at video mixing. DJ Shiru  did a collabo with Nigerian star Patoranking in the ‘Dance Well’ song, which has been  rocking airwaves for long. He is currently a resident DJ at a local TV and radio stations, but also plays at Club Ambiance, Amnesia, Laftaz among others.

DJ Shiru doing it



DJ Aludah

James Aludah Mugume started professional deejaying in 2009 and got his break-through at a DJ competition when he won Pilsner’s Spin Master Championship in 2010. DJ Aludah has several mixtapes which he releases monthly. He works with Radio City FM and several city night spots.

DJ Aludah



DJ Apeman

DJ Apeman aka Silver Back became famous after inventing Afropolitan mix, which is a fusion of UK and American street classics with a touch of local classics. He has graced several events like UG Step party, Arab Money, Battle of Sexiest, Cayenne Halloween party and also plays at several international events in UK, Sweden, Germany, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya and Rwanda.

DJ Apeman


DJ Andy Skillz

He is one of the youngest DJs in Kampala, who is popularly known for blending music genres that appeal to all age groups. He used to play at the now defunct Club Volts, but nowadays plays at other top night clubs, on top of being tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s personal DJ. He works with UK based Pearl Chat TV, Kololo Gardens and Speke Hotel.


DJ Crim

He became popular after scooping the Saturday variety mix slot at Legends bar. DJ Crim got signed by Namibian Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment and has played on several gigs, on top of working with Hot100FM.



Selector Jay

DJ Josh aka Selector Jay is exceedingly skilled on the turntables. He is the official DJ at Club Guvnor and NTV’s The Beat music show hosted by Douglas Lwanga.


DJ Karo

This lady is a very astounding turntable queen, who is not only gorgeous but also dresses to impress. Karo has graced numerous high profile events like The Radio Shake down, and The FNL finals, among others.


DJ Mark

Perhaps one of the youngest DJs in Uganda, this guy has a huge fan base. He currently plays at NBS TV’s Hit Maker live show every Saturday morning.


DJ Rachel

She is a veteran female DJ in Kampala who has performed at various city events and night clubs. Racheal, who inspires numerous female disc spinners, will showcase her skill too.

DJ Racheal


DJ Nimrod

He works with Galaxy FM and Club Amnesia. Nimrod is one of the most popular DJs in Uganda, well-known for organizing massive beach bashes and hook-up gigs for lonely Ugandans.

DJ Nimrod


DJ Ali Breezy

He is one of the best and leading scratch masters in Uganda. Breezy recently dropped off his fresh new mix-tape Volume 4 as he had promised his fans and wicked music lovers.

DJ Ali Breezy


DJ Twonjex

Peter Mugarura Twonjex is a DJ who plays at several top notch night spots in Kampala like Sheratn hotel. He has also done several . which re rocking airwaves

DJ Twonjex


DJ Pofia Nankya

She is a Savedee who often goes to Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral for prayers. But when not at church, DJ Pofia is often spinning discs and she is one of the celebrities at Lido Beach, where she often does her thing.

DJ Pofia doing her thing


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