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PHOTOS: MP Nambooze Daughter Risks Life With Drink Driving

If you have been wondering why Mukono municipality  Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze is so much against booze and recently wanted parliament to pass a Bylaw  banning booze from Uganda, then wonder no more.

The reason is that her eldest daughter identified as Sylvia Bakireke loves booze so much.

Sylvia, according to pals, enjoys drinking Johnnie Walker’s whiskey, although she also drinks other types of booze as and when they are available.

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However, what is worrying many of  her friends and family members is that   Sylvia  has a habit of drink-driving and one wonders how she has managed to survive ‘Kawunyemu’  or those traffic policemen who are usually armed with Breathalyzers.

This is because Sylvia has been snapped on several occasions guzzling Johnnie Walker’s whiskey while driving her Land Cruiser  registration number UAW 903Y.

Although she is based abroad, Sylvia usually returns to Uganda for merrymaking sessions and is one of the ardent goers of Kampala’s elite Blankets and Wines gig.

Bakireke poses next to her car

Sylvia Bakireke looking high

Sylvia Bakireke relaxing

Sylvia (R) with a pal


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