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Judiciary Suspends Staff over Indecent Dressing

The Judiciary has become very serious with proper official dress code and has started by suspending one of their employees over inappropriate dressing.

Rosemary Namuwanga,  a Court Clerk/Interpreter, was suspended on Thursday September 22, 2017 by  her boss Josephine Muwonge over inappropriate dressing.

Namuganza’s suspension letter titled SUSPENSION FROM DUTY ON GROUNDS OF INAPPROPRIATE DRESSING, written and signed by Josephine Muwonge on behalf of the Permannet Secretary/Secretary to the Judiciary reads in part thus;

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“This is to inform you that today 21, September 2017, while you were invited to the office of the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Judiciary for an explanation regarding nonpayment of your salary and Allowances for the month of July 2017, you turned up dressed in a manner that does not portray a good image of the Judiciary and Public Service at large.”

Muwonge’ letter also states that; “ In particular, you were dressed in a very short  and tight dress which by description does not  fall within the generally acceptable standards of the Establishment   Notice No.1 of 2017. A copy is attached for your ease of reference.”

The letter continues that “In accordance with the Establishment Notice named above, this is to suspend you from duty for a period of two (2) weeks with effect from 21st September to 4th October 2017.”

Namuganza is however yet to respond to the suspension or refute the allegations.


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