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Desire Baby Daddy Goes into Pizza Biz

Popular singer Desire Luzinda’s baby daddy John Michael Kaddu seems to be doing everything possible to make ends meet.

Sources close to Kaddu reveal that he has since invested heavily in pizza business by opening up an eatery at Plaza Building called Pizza Bond.

Chimp corps have learnt that Kaddu is already reaping big from  his Pizza Bond eatery because a huge clientele base he has hitched for the short time he has been in business.

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It is also said that he is giving other Pizza dealerships in Kampala a run for their money  because most of their clients are nowadays flocking Pizza Bond.

Kaddu, a close friend of Buganda prince David Wasajja, is father of Desire’s only daughter Michelle Luzinda, whom UPDF Maj.  Juma Seiko some time back claimed as his biological daughter.

Michael Kaddu with Prince David Wasajja

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