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UCC Lifts ABS TV Suspension

Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Christian Church in Kawaala is the happiest man currently after the Uganda Communications Commission lifting the suspension of his ABS TV license.

ABS TV had been indefinitely suspended on September 5th, 2017  over failing to conform to UCC broadcasting regulations.

The suspension was lifted in a letter dated September 13th, 2017 from UCC issued by Godfrey Mutaabazi, the CEO.

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The letter  states that  ABS Television acknowledged its actions and undertook to ensure that all programs and  content broadcast on ABS TV are in line with the law and the Minimum broadcasting standards.

The UCC letter partly reads thus;

“After considering the measures proposed by the Management of ABS Television and in a bid to grant ABS Television another opportunity to prove its commitment to ensure that all its programs  and content do not bleach the law and minimum broadcasting standards, the Uganda Communications Commission has in accordance with Section 41 (2) of the Uganda Communications Act 2013, resolved to CONDITIONALLY LIFT the suspension  of ABS Television Broadcast license  for a period of SIX(6) months from the date hereof.”

Mutabazi’s letter goes on to state that;

“The Commission shall in the next six months review, evaluate and continuously monitor all programs and content broadcast on ABS Television to ensure that they are appropriately modified to conform to the law and the minimum broadcasting standards.”

It also states that;

“The Management of ABS TV is warned that if, for whatever reasons, ABS Television fails to fulfill its commitment to modify its content, the Commission shall revoke ABS Television broadcast license without any further notice.

The UCC letter lifting ABS TV Suspension

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