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PHOTOS: America’s Virginia Black Whiskey Unleashed in Uganda

Qway International unveiled Virginia Black Whiskey to Ugandans during the Rwanda Connect gig on Sunday night, which was held at Club Play.

The event was embraced by a number of renowned personalities like former Big Brother Africa (BBA) star Abby, ‘Salon Talk’ programme TV hostess Judithiana, actor Roger Mugisha, MC Denzel Mwityeresi among others.

“I love this drink, it has a smooth feel of an awesome taste. It really puts one to a degree of happiness,” Abby said after tasting Virginia Black.

Partiers were entertained by ‘Owooma’ hit-maker girls Charyl and Nina, the guest artistes from Rwanda, who performed their songs like, ‘Mfata’, ‘Indoro’, ‘Mwenyura’, ‘Agatege,’ and ‘Face to Face’.

Celebrated disc spinner DJ Pius of the ‘Agataako’ fame made an appearance, surprising revelers as he stepped on stage to sing all his songs like, ‘Wabulila wa’, ‘Sakwe Sakwe’, ‘Play it again’, ‘Agatako’ among others.

Virginia Black Whiskey is a drink founded by Brent Hocking and an award-winning artiste, songwriter, rapper and actor Drake.


Judithiana (L) chatting with a friend

One of the revelers showing his whiskey bottle

Wilson serving the black bottle girls

This couple embraced the party too

The audience was entertained by Charly and Nina

There Roger serves the babes

The party was all about happiness

The party was about celebrating Virginia Black and Belaire

Wilson and Mike shared a bottle too

This couple had a night of happiness on the whiskey

Roger Mugisha showing off the Virginia black whiskey



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