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NTV’s Faridah Misses Hubby

If there is anything that is not easy in life, then it is long distance relationships.

TV  star Faridah Nakazibwe is experiencing it and has reached  an extent of going public about it.

Sources at NTV reveal that Faridah is so lonely because she misses her husband Dr. Omar Ssali, who works in the United Arab Emirates.

Faridah’s loneliness has reached unbearable levels, to the extent that early this week she posted on her Instagram page  a paicture of her and Ssali at home with a message for him reading thus;

“Throwing back to you Sebo Mr. Photo bomber. You are missed.”

In reply to Faridah’s message to Ssali, one her pals identified as King_yvette posted thus;

“Long distance a n’t easy but keep going. God bless you two.”

Before she went for Ssali’s long distance relationship, Faridah was dating National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice Chairperson  Hajji Moses Kigongo is a short distance relationship.


Faridah Nakazibwe very lonely



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