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Desire’s Client Accuses Her of Crashing Marriage

All is not well for celebrated musician Desire Luzinda, after one of her clients accusing her of allegedly propagating the crashing of her marriage, yet the singer had performed at her wedding.

Trouble for Desire unfolded a few days back when she posted a very hot picture of hers of  Facebook, asking her fans to tell her what they think about her hotness.

Several people commented about Desire’s snap with some praising her, while others posted sour comments.

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However, Desire reportedly got shocked when one of the people who commented was Lian Lian, her former client and great fan.

Lina Lian, who is seemingly not amused with Desire at all,  vented out her anger thus;

“U Sang on my wedding and my husband divorced me when we were still in honeymoon…I hate u kubanga wankuba  ebisilanii gasiyaa bulolo……”

In reply to Lian’s complaints, Desire posted thus;

Tolina Kitone kati wekwasa……..I angry people and I just ….. Munwywe ku water”

Whatever Desire meant by that statement, only her knows, but Lina is evidently very unhappy with the singer.






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