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Couples That Attended Geosteady Concert Unveiled

On Friday night, several couples were seen streaming in from all corners of Kampala to Imperial Hotel for Geosteady’s concert.

Given the fact that the artiste specializes in love ballads, the atmosphere was greatly conducive for lovebirds desiring a romantic evening.

“My wife loves Geosteady’s songs especially ‘Tokendeza’. I made sure I save for this concert as a gift to her,” said a one Martin, who was hand in hand with his beautiful wife.

During the show, some people were seen holding each other and dancing to Geosteady’s soft melodies.

Songs like ‘Viola’, ‘Tokendeza’, ‘Owooma’ greatly triggered the couples into paying more attention to each other.

Ruth Kiwumulo, a diehard Geosteady fan, explained that the artiste’s songs bring back good memories of her relationship with her long-term fiancé. “Tonny dedicated the ‘Viola’ song to me on our first date,” she said, while holding him.

Geosteady kept on performing love songs for the couples till later in the night when the concert ended and they all headed home.

Some of the couples that had fun at Geosteady concert

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These lovely couples had fun as they supported Geosteady

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