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Powerful Ugandans Making Money In South Africa Named

While most Ugandans are hustling hard to survive in Kampala, there are others who are enjoying life in Johannesburg, Pretoria and other parts of South Africa.

They are earning big money and spending like they harvest it from trees.These are shrewd Ugandans who realized that they can hit jackpots in South Africa and ventured into it.

After the fall of Don Ivan Ssemwanga, here is a list of some of the most powerful Ugandans in South Africa, although there are many others;


Lawrence Kiyingi aka King Lawrence

He is said to be Ivan Ssemwanga’s cousin although he was absent at the latter’s burial and only came later to pay his last respects. Kiyingi and Ssemwanga were always inseparable and word has it that they involved in a lot of dealings together. King Lawrence is into used car sales from which he has amassed both money, power and influence.

King Lawrence

Adams Dumba

He is one late Ivan Ssemwanga’s pals and business associates. Dumba is said to deal in the sale clothes, shoes, bling-bling and other stuff in South Africa, although he drives posh cars and usually sleeps in hotels whenever he flies to Uganda.

Adams Dumba

Don Bahati

This one is said to be running a real estate dealership in Pretoria, South Africa, which has made wealthy at a young age. Bahati is currently battling with King Lawrence over the leadership of Rich Gang, which each of them wants to head. They are also fighting over Ivan’s ‘Moreki Finder’ project in South Africa.

Don Bahati


Shaffik Katumba aka Katsha

He is a businessman in Gauteng Province, South Africa, where he lives with his baby mama Shakira Kayihura.

Katsha deals in various businesses that include car sales, music and events promotions, among others. Katsha usually hosts singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool whenever he goes to South Africa to either perform or shoot a music video. He also hosts singing duo Radio and Weasel.

Bebe Cool chilling with Katsha in South Africa


Suleiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga

He is a wealthy businessman trading in South Africa, Dubai, Uganda and other countries, dealing in precious minerals. Mbuga has a fleet of vehicles that include Hummers, BMW, Audi and other brands.

He lives in a swanky house in Buziga, Kampala although he often travels to South Africa for business and is powerful broker there.

SK Mbuga


Chris Mbibo aka Cameroon Gitawo

Also a car dealer, Gitawo has made himself a name amongst powerful Ugandans in South Africa.

One of Gitawo’s longtime friends is SK Mbuga and together they are said to have sealed many deals.

Cameroon Gitawo

Stella Nankya

This one is an entrepreneur based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she runs a clothing line known as Star qt.

One of the few Ugandan entrepreneurs in S. Africa, Nankya employs numerous people who include both South Africans and foreigners.

She started as a model in S. Africa but has developed so much over the years that she has expanded from a clothing line to a patented beverage and shoe franchise, plus organizing beauty pageants.

Debby Sempaka

A model and entertainer by profession, Debby has also cut out a niche for herself in South Africa, where she has done several gigs.

After penetrating the South African modeling industry, Debby is these days said to be connecting budding models in Uganda to agencies in South Africa, getting them business deals for huge commissions.

Debby Ssempaka

Chopa Chopa aka TMT

This one is a music promoter who often hires Ugandan musicians to perform in South Africa.

One of the musicians he hires is singer Mary Bata, although there are many others like Ziza Bafana.

TMT heads The Money Team aka TMT, which includes Gitawo, Katsha and other rich Ugandans in South Africa.


Ed Cheune

Like many of his other colleagues, Cheune is also a car dealer in South Africa.

Cheune made himself a name after engaging in several charity projects with late Ssemwanga prior to his death.

He has a fleet of cars which include a Lamborghini, Chrysler, Range Rover, Audi 2015 model, Mercedes Benz 2015 model, Maserati, among others.

Ed Cheune


Meddie Kingdom

He is into music promotion and labour exportation in South Africa.Meddie Kingdom is one of the biggest promoters of Ugandan music in South Africa.

He has so far pumped dime popular singers like Ziza Bafana, Rhoda K and others to not only shoot music videos but also perform in South Africa.


Ali Mawale

He promotes Ugandan musicians in both Uganda and South Africa. Mawale also organizes music concerts during which Ugandan artistes like Nubian Lee and others perform for Ugandans living in S. Africa.


Ali Mawale




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