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REVEALED: Why Yiga’s ABS TV Was Closed

Pastor Augustine Yiga, of Christian Revival Church in Kawaala, a Kampala suburb, is so sad and blue after his ABS television being shut down by the Uganda Communications Commission on Tuesday.

When ChimpLyf called pastor for a comment about the TV closure, his wife identified as Juliet Namutebi answered the phone and said that “Pastor is not available to talk currently. But you are talking to his wife.”

She added that “Let me assure you that the TV is coming back on air soon. We shall let you know. We are still working on some things.”

When asked why the sudden closure of ABS TV by UCC, she laughed lightly before saying that “We have been getting some warnings.”

However, shocking secrets why Yiga’s TV station was closed have emerged and ChimpLyf corps reveal them here under.

Fueling Immorality

Problems for Yiga’s TV station started last year, after he was accused by several Ugandans of allegedly promoting immorality in Uganda through his TV station.

It all started after viewers lambasted him for invading their privacy through the ‘Kalondoozi’ programme, which used to expose cheating couples, in most cases broadcasting images that are not palatable for public viewing.

During the Kalondoozi programme that was anchored by a one Hajjat Aisha, ABS TV staff would trail couples cheating on their lovers or those having illicit affairs, film them and later expose their acts on TV.

This however attracted a lot criticisms from  several Ugandans, chief amongst them city lawyer Luyimbaazi Nalukoola, who dragged Yiga and ABS TV to the High Court vide civil suit No. 124/2015.

According to the court documents, Luyibaazi prayed to court to cause Yiga to scrap the Kalondoozi programme.  After scrapping Kalondoozi from ABS TV, Yiga started another controversial programmed known as ‘Agebweru’, a news segment in which the anchors allegedly practiced a lot of unprofessionalism, including broadcasting interludes during which girls did catwalk.

Sources reveal that earlier on Yiga’s news anchors would strip live on air, and change clothes before cameras, something that created controversy in the media fraternity.

The anchors identified as Apple Nankunda, Sylvia Mukabashambo and Sharon Namumpa sparked off uproar from the general public, especially parents who watched ABS TV with their children.

Yiga received severe backlash this year ever since he introduced the ‘Agebweru’ news segment and this is said to be one of the reasons why UCC revoked his license and gave him 59 days to put his house in order.

Sources say that for a long time some members of the public have been calling upon Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) boss Godfrey Mutabazi to suspend ABS TV’s license and the suspension came in timely.

Attacks from Fellow Pastors

Apart from accusations of promoting immorality, Yiga has also been under attack from fellow pastors, who accused him of allegedly corrupting public morals through his ABS TV programmes.

Yiga for instance has for a long time been at loggerheads with Pastor Deo Semakula, of Holy Healing Tower ministries church in Maganjo, because of various reasons, chief amongst which is snatching believers.

Pastor Ssemakula not only accused Yiga of allegedly snatching believers from his church but also hates him for calling himself ‘Abizayo’, meaning he fights evil power by returning it to its origin using supernatural powers.

Other pastors like David Kiganda, Wilson Bugembe and Solomon Male have often attacked him over the same issue.


Court Document showing how Yiga was dragged to court

Document detailing Yiga’s cases


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