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UCC Suspends ABS TV Broadcasting Licence

Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has Tuesday suspended the broadcasting license of a Christian TV station-ABS television.

The station owned by Pastor Augustine Yiga is being accused by the Commission of breach of minimum broadcasting standards.

UCC in a statement says the station declined to heed to numerous warnings “to review its programs and avoid further broadcasting of offensive programs.”

“ABS Television has continued to broadcast programs that are contrary to the minimum broadcasting standards,” the statement read in part.

The TV station ever since it came on air last year has faced wide spread public scrutiny for broadcasting unconventional sexualised material including in its Prime Time news casts.

Earlier in October last year, the christian TV station had been fined Shs25m for the continued breach of the broadcasting standards.

As per today’s UCC directive, ABS TV was ordered to “immediately stop broadcasting on all platforms.”

UCC’s Executive Director, Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi, indefinitely suspended the television’s broadcast license “….until such a time when the Commission shall be satisfied that ABS TV has harmonized its program content with the law.”

60 days from today, according to Mutabazi, if the station does not demonstrate measures to modify its programming, a process will be initiated to revoke their license without any further notice.

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