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PHOTOS: Students Rock Miss Teen Finale in Trendy Outfit

It was a fashion show-off at the UMA show grounds on Saturday where students converged for the Mirinda Miss Teen grand finale.

Students appeared wearing a variety of designs, giving the now almost well-worn word ‘Slay’ more meaning.

The event was also perfect plot for most teens who had just had their holidays.

On entrance, each one was given a free Mirinda bottle. They were also treated to good entertainment from some great artists like Ykee Benda, B2C Soldiers, Vampos among others.

Children of different ages showed up for a fun filled day, chilling, dancing and interacting.

This is evident of how versatile fashion is


These ones used Miss Teen as a chance to couple up


She wore a creative outfit


For the boys, a litte bit of unconventional outfit was okay


Boys rocked in print outfit


Girls arriving for the event


There she matched her head wrap with the jumper


Miss Teen gig bonded them once for this holiday


Her swagg turn up was damaged denim


Students were offered free Mirinda soft drinks


Her shift dress made her look unique


The sunny day forced them to come with caps for facial shade


There she walks in smartly dressed


On meeting each other, these two couldn’t wait to sit and tell stories

With their stylish shoes, they went checking on themselves for who wore it better

Probably, they had agreed to come in white outfits

Friends must have something in common and for these, check their head wraps 

He looked stylish in his yellow baseball shirt matching the shoes


Her confidence was due to smartness


It was such a lovely pair


Seemingly, she called a friend to tell her about what was happening


She called in to find her friends’ whereabouts at the event


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