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I would Bleach and Change Nationality if Offered Cheptegei’s Money—Former Miss Uganda Zahara

On Monday, there were reports that world 10,000 meter silver medalist Joshua Cheptegei turned down a billion deal offer from a rich country that wanted his services as an athlete.

“A rich Arab country wanted me to run for them with an offer of sh1.79b, but I treasure my country. I have always wanted to make my country proud, so I rejected the money,” he said.

As many Ugandans tried to make sense of this, 2015/16 Miss Uganda Zahara Nakiyaga Muhammed stood on the sidelines and gave her very own perspective, had she been in Cheptegei’s shoes.

“I would bleach beyond the Arab color, have Arabic names, speak Arabic  and use part of my billion to develop others who would carry the flag higher than I would have,” Zahara said in a social media post.

It remains unclear how the Miss Uganda fraternity will digest this information, considering the franchise’s mandate to promote patriotism.

  • douglas

    that’s how broke she is

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