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10 Times Ugandan Celebrities got dragged Through Mud on Social Media

Ugandan superstars are no islands when it comes to criticism from fans on social media.

Despite their efforts to stay relevant, fans  have on several occasions grabbed these stars by the hair, pulled the through the mud….to teach them a lesson.

ChimpLyf lists down the 10 unforgettable times when Celebrities were taken through the mud like chicken thieves.

Zari’s Grave Photo

In July this year, socialite Zari Hassan found it befitting to share a photo of herself on the late Ivan Semwanga’s grave in Nakaliro, Kayunga district.

Before the mother of five could refresh her page, a ton of missives were launched to her side with fans deeming her “an attention-hungry sl*t”, among other affronts.

“Her Instagram caption will be like#lifeinuganda #RipDon #slayingonthe #grave ##hairbylulu #dressedbybikozebitya #ghostbehindcamera,” commented Ann Hanie, a Facebook user

Bebe Cool During Kyadondo Elections

If there’s anyone who will never forget the Kyadondo East by-elections, it definitely has to be Bebe Cool.

The Gagamel boss suffered backlash from Bobi Wine fans who rubbed it in his face.

During this period, whatever he posted on social media was received with ridicule from livid fans.

It took him a controversial post of “Buying Zuena’s knickers every week” to settle the dust.

Bebe Cool with Zuena

Juliana Kanyomozi’s “Still here” video release

She’s reffered to by many as a queen of comebacks, but when Juliana released her first 2017 single “I’m still here”, fans nearly turned her into a queen of copy and paste.

Her reggae ballad was welcomed to the scene with hostility after fans unearthed multiple similarities in her video with Jennifer Lopez’s “Aint your mama.”

After days of twirls and attack, Juliana explained that “Believe it or not, I had not watched JLo’s Video before but when we were filming.”

“I knew that I wasn’t the first one to do it, I had seen it before and I wasn’t really surprised” she said in an interview with Sanyu FM’s Crystal Newman.

Juliana Kanyomozi

Desire Luzinda’s Second Private Photo Leak

In June this year, Ugandans on social media received yet another dosage of private photos of singer Desire Luzinda.

Unlike the first ones, these had few body details on display.

However, even before the pictures reached some galleries, fans were quick to point out that she must have leaked them herself.

In her subsequent posts, fans threw rotten eggs at her deeming her “an irresponsible, attention-craving mother”

Comments like “The only part I don’t know from you is the pancreas” would later litter her comment section as fans expressed displeasure.

Desire Luzinda

Chameleone-Daniella ‘Divorce stunt’

All didn’t seem well with the Leone Island power couple Jose Chameleone and Daniella early this month when Chameleone shared a post on his Facebook claiming to have parted ways with Daniella.

The singer would later clarify that “Some ill intended people accessed my Facebook account and page on which they made a very disturbing update post purely intended to not only distract my Family but fans at large.”

This however, served as salt to a fresh wound.

Fans threw jabs at the “Wale Wale” singer, expressing annoyance at how far he could go on his quest for attention.

“Not new as always you always pull attention by making headlines by fabricating news and stories just to advertise a concert it’s not the first time or will it be the last time,” said Ameen Ally.

Kayongo Joseph, in quite a bitter response told the singer that “You’re just confusing us, there is no one who did this.”

“We are not fools. Anyway, it’s your life & family issues, How are we concerned?” he asked.

Jose Chameleone with his wife Daniella Atim

Mary Flavia Namulindwa’s War with a fan

This was a nasty brawl. It got messy, abusive and extremely vulgar.

In case you missed it, a fan named Sharon Nij in December last year accused Flavia of being “a learners’ bike” that has been ‘ridden’ by almost every celebrity.

The fan’s post garnered likes and comments that nearly sent the Bukedde TV presenter into hiding.

Dean Nsubuga—Hellen Lukoma feud

These two were once lovers. There was even a time when their fans thought these could make another Ugandan power couple.

When they broke up however, they went haywire with posts from each side, expressing how much excited they’re to have parted ways.

At a snap of her finger, singer cum actress Hellen Lukoma launched a missile to Dean that left fans cheering and the former, speechless.

“The smallest minds often come with the biggest mouths ..So don’t cry coz it’s over, smile coz that a**hole is someone else’s problem,” Lukoma shared.

DJ Karo’s Fight with Cedric Babu’s Wife

In February this year, renowned female disk spinner DJ Karo was slammed on twitter by Alison Gallagher, the official wife to Kinetic management boss Cedric Babu.

Allison, in her twitter rant, shared how pretentious the DJ is, and managed to “sleep with my husband.”

Unlike other brawls, Karo went silent; as it turns out she had no defense tips at the time.

King Lawrence—Huddah Monroe Beef

2014 wasn’t a good year for renowned socialite and spendthrift Lawrence Muyanja better known as King Lawrence.

The socialite, in case you don’t recall, claimed to have purchased a brand new range rover for Kenyan supermodel and socialite Huddah Monroe.

His claim rubbed Huddah on the worst side.

She fired live Instagram bullets at the socialite, asking him “What money do u have?”

“After all is said and done, @kinglawrenc needs to sit down and let us see the man behind his shady a**”

“I don’t like to give my time to irrelevant people but  @kinglawrenc , your work is to disrespect women, Huddah posted.

“Kazi yake huyu bwana, is to sleep with women and take videos then expose on the Internet! Before I go any further please can you POST the RECEIPT , or the bank transfer documents for the Range Rover you are telling Ugandans and EA you bought for me, fool” Huddah said in a nuclear Instagram missive.

Zahara Totto—Sheila Don Zella Chicken Fight

Spark TV’s Zahara Totto may live to forever recall February 2017 when she got attacked by outspoken socialite, events promoter and struggling singer Sheila Don Zella.

Drama ensued when Zahara Totto, through her now-popular Live Wire show allegedly advised Don Zella to get saved at Pastor Kayanja’s church, for she has serious inner problems.

In retaliation, the furious Sheila hurled insults at the light skinned mother of four, accusing her of being slutty and disrespecting fellow women.

In a few minutes, Sheila’s timeline was littered with comments and insults as though it was a prototype of Syrian warzones.

At breakneck speed, the husky voiced Totto reeled off perilous insults deeming Sheila an “aged sl*t” who pays men for intimacy.

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