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INTERVIEW: “My Son’s Attack Felt Like a Murder Plot”—Danz Kumapeesa’s Mum

It’s every mother’s dream to see their children grow into someone big and responsible.

So it is for Miss Kisakye Jennifer, mother to bed- ridden audio producer Dan Mukisa alias Danz Kumapeesa.

Kisakye says she never imagined her 22 year-old son would spend over a month in comma.

“He is a calm guy who respects everyone no matter the situation. He has taught most of his colleagues what it means to produce music until some ungrateful people attacked him in his sleep,” she coldly narrates.

Although Danz has been hospitalized for more than 2 months Miss Kisakye hopes that he will regain his full life and ability to work again.

Our Corp Shamim Kawalha visited her at Nsambya hospital for a verbal journey through her tribulations, Danz’ life and stay at hospital.

Miss Jennifer Kisakye shortly after the interview

So how did Danz end up in music production?

So you guys call him Danz up to now? He was talented since he was 8. He began playing the piano back at church and slowly he picked more interest and I think he discovered himself.

That’s when some musicians kept on recognizing him, because he can play anything and he knows how create new tunes.

The first person to work with her was this woman who made musawo song (Winnie Nwagi) who exposed him, because ever since he has been producing many songs.

I still can’t understand why someone would want to end his young career.

How do describe Danz growing up as kid?

He is my last born of four and a twin to Ruth. They recently, on 17th august, celebrated their 22 birthday, it was one of my happiest days after a long while.

I didn’t think he would be out of comma towards his birthday.

He is a calm guy, he never involved himself in fights as a kid and I haven’t heard him fight anyone until now.

He is kind, he likes helping everyone, but above all he is grateful person who accepts to be corrected at anytime.

I knew he would venture into music some day because he loved it since childhood. He would drum jerry cans and then he went on to learn a piano.

How did you know about the fateful day (when Danz was attacked)?

I was at work at around 3pm when a mysterious person called me and told me that Dan was admitted at Nsambya hospital.

It sounded like a joke, because Dan has never been sick since he was a kid, especially being hospitalized, when I inquired more they said he was in comma.’

My world was in shambles, I begun to shake (tears rolling through her eyes).

Each time I remember, it feels like today.

I couldn’t find myself, rushing to the hospital seeing my little boy all covered up with machines was even worse.

His friends said he was beaten inside his home at around midnight, because that’s where he was discovered in a pool of blood and unconscious and only a television and a phone was stolen.

It felt like a murder plan, not a theft, I think the thugs thought he had died already.

He almost died the day of the operation but only God worked his ways out. I still can’t believe he still alive.

Miss Jennifer Kisakye

You’re a strong woman, where do you get this strength from?

This has been an experience of its own kind. I wouldn’t say I am that strong, it has been God from the beginning, and it shall be him.

I have increased my faith in God because I have seen his grace and love throughout these years.

And my kids are all here, we are supporting each other, this being their little brother, all they do is to attend to him with the smallest they get. That’s my strength.

So has there been any improvement ever since he left comma?

There has been a big improvement since that time. We have been in the general ward for over 3 weeks now and each day he shows improvement.

The doctors say he will stabilize and go back to normal. He is a strong guy I know he will get through it.

Although we don’t how long it will take him before he recovers fully, even the doctors don’t know.

They at first didn’t expect him to recover that fast.

He can tell that, I am the one or it’s the twin sister. He hates doctors because each time we tell him “Dan, here is the doctor”, he closes his eyes with a frowning face.

(Telling him to see me which he reacted with a smile)

Is it true that someone tried poisoning him?

There were people who wanted to hurt him. In fact doctors here have been helpful to us so much.

They would claim that they are his siblings but when asked to describe their mother, they would shiver or describe a totally different person.

There was one that the doctor even told that she was going to call me for him, and he run away before I could get there.

So if I may ask, why would a person with a good motive run away before seeing the patient?

Oh, that sounds serious, so what’s his typical day like?

Hehehe you also, I hear typical day. But we dictate his day. We wake up at 5 and shower him, feed him and by 10am he leaves the ward to move outside.

He can sit on his own nowadays; he has a meal every after two hours, until 9pm, we ask him to sleep.

We however don’t allow him to over sleep because it can cause bed sores.

Does that mean that you are almost leaving the hospital?

Ohh yes, we could have left this week, but the bill is still high, we can’t afford to pay it.

We are now in 19million UGX which we can’t raise on our own. Even the little we have has been spent here.

The more we stay here, the more the bill increases yet he is still on medication, which we also need to buy.

He now feeds from the tube as the doctors make a few checks on him.

So how do you plan to raise the money?

I really need contribution from the people out there, whatever someone can afford can make a difference towards the bill.

We need to get Dan back home, and we can’t be grateful enough for the help they have been giving us since the beginning.

0779103031 that’s my number registered under my names Kisakye Jennifer.

Any words to people reading this?

I would love to thank them for their prayers and support towards my entire family. I would like to tell them that Dan is getting better each day and he will soon hit their ears with good production.

May God bless and protect each one of them.


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