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 “I’m here to make Money”— Singer Aziz reveals why he’s dating Guvnor Ace’s Ex

In March this year, we reported how little-known singer Aziz Mawanda had hooked up Monalisa Larson, who is also Guvnor Ace’s ex-lover.

From then, speculation became the order of the day as Ugandans blamed him for “going too far with money-hunting antics.”

During a recent TV interview, the 18-year old Aziz said he is with Lisa “just to provide her with fun” and not love.

“The only love I have for her is when we are sleeping together, but I personally don’t love her. I came to look for money,” He said.

“Do you think this old woman can give me twins or kids, is she capable? I am here to give her fun, we are here to look for money,” he added.

He further clarified that there’s no bad blood between him and his predecessor Guvnor Ace.

“It has been a blessing that I found Lisa, I have no problem with Guvnor Ace, he can’t do anything to me,” he said.

Lisa who had accompanied her new lover  for the interview revealed that Guvnor Ace left her just three days after their honey moon.

“After three days he run away from the house, we have never talked for one and a half years.”

While kneeling down, he (Aziz) told Ugandans that all he wants in the relationship is getting to Sweden and look after his mother bedridden who is in Mengo.

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