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“I made Lots of Money When My Pictures Leaked”—Desire Luzinda

Singer Desire Luzinda’s 2015 ‘blockbuster’ private photo leak doesn’t seem to have been all bad.

In an interview with Spark TV’s Livewire, Desire revealed that the leak had a positive effect to her bank account.

When asked how the photos affected her, Desire said, “You know it’s a two way; In the industry good or bad, publicity is publicity.”

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“When it happened, I was terrified. But I must say it tuned out for the good,” she explained.

The “Kitone” singer also noted that “If I was here [certain level], I was raised to another bar.”

As regards the financial effect, Desire said, “I made lots of money that year actually, lots of money.”

In the same interview, the singer also noted that “being a mother, it affected me.”

When asked the photos that leaked a few weeks ago, she blamed it on her ex-lover.

“He took away my phone, there’s a lot more that he has. Whenever he gets a chance, he keeps dropping one,” Desire says.

“I thank God that people understood me, I couldn’t commit suicide.”

When quizzed whether she and her Nigerian lover are I contact, Desire said, “I’m not in touch with him.”

“No one can do such a thing to you and you remain friends, unless you have a problem upstairs.

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