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Bebe Cool, A Pass Bury Hatchet

Musician A Pass and Gagamel boss Bebe Cool nearly traded cyber blows recently when the former launched a rant about Ugandan journalists.

A Pass, who seems to have been following the development, sparked off a feud with a comment “is the respect not earned yet?”

Bebe, who then was dealing with the press negativity about his trip to the US was also quick to fire back saying, ““Depends on the size of your brain as Apass.”

In no time however, A Pass apologized to the “Mbozi Za Malwa singer, claiming that “I was only there to support I took time to read your post and I offered my support as a fellow artist, I didn’t diss you.”

After his apology, the Gagamel boss also played cool, and decided to throw the issue behind his back.

“Apology accepted but would appreciate more direct rather than sarcastic response to my post from a fellow artist,” Bebe Cool wrote.

In his other split-second response, A Pass told Bebe Cool that “Nothing Sarcastic, It was me wondering if the respect is not earned yet.”

From the outlook of things, the two could have reconciled.

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