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‘New’ Desire Luzinda Private Photos Leak

Private photos believed to be for singer Desire Luzinda have leaked to social media.

In the photos, she is seen posing in front of a bathroom mirror while her private parts are visible.

The pictures which hit social media a few hours ago are circulating like fire on gasoline.

This isn’t the first time the singer is involved in such a scandal.

In 2014, her completely private pictures were leaked by her then Nigerian lover Franklin Emuobor.

The scandal was so huge that it threatened her music career even though she recovered after immense support from earlier victims and friends.

Her latest photos however seem to be from the past.

Due to the ChimpLyf editorial policy we cannot attach the photos.

ChimpLyf cannot independently verify whether the circulating photos are indeed of Desire or not.

We shall keep you updated.

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