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FASHION TREND: Off-Shoulder-Top Craze Hits Kampala


On your errands, you’ve probably seen those ladies with scantily-clad shoulders.

The craze is not only in your area code. Slowly, but surely, it’s taking the city by storm.

With an exception of millennials, one would easily mistake the trend for the 80’s vogue.

To effortlessly rock this look, one needs, um, clean shoulders of course, and a few accessories.

There’s a stunning range of off-the-shoulder tops, whether you’re looking for a little crop top, crisp sailor top or a variation on the standard tee.

A nautical tee makes a great outfit when teamed with denim cut-offs, whilst a sleek black top worn with a striking black maxi skirt is the height of chic.

If you prefer a looser look, try an understated chiffon off-the-shoulder top with narrow straps – an ideal companion for black skinny jeans. Or recreate some film star elegance with a shaped black top worn with a stiffly flared white eyelet skirt.

Dorothy Shonga rockign an off-shoulder top last Saturday


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