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SK Mbuga Undergoes Second Operation, Wife to Fly Out for Holiday

City tycoon and renowned socialite Suleiman Kabangala Popularly known as SK Mbuga is still bedridden after an accident a few weeks ago.

Mbuga underwent his second operation prior to the weekend, after several unsuccessful rounds of treatment.

The tycoon says he is “Getting weaker after the second operation.”

Further, he says he’s experiencing “Too much pain I can’t control.”

“Ya Allah knows what is good for me now”

Meanwhile, his heavily pregnant wife Jalia Mbuga is set to fly to Barcelona, Spain next Friday.

In a live Instagram conversation with her followers, Jalia, who is currently in Sweden, said she is taking such a short vacation because she isn’t allowed to fly long distances.

“I’m not allowed to fly for more than four hours, that’s the nearest I can fly because I’m heavy,” she said.

When our corp asked her whether she has visited Mbuga yet, Jalia said “I told you I can’t fly for long hours, but my husband is getting better.”

With a few weeks left to deliver, Jalia revealed that she is expecting a baby girl.

She further noted that the newborn will be their last child.

SK Mbuga and Jalia have one daughter together named Aayla Mbuga.


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