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IN PICTURES: How to look Dazzling in Playsuits, Rompers

Playsuits and rompers are generally regarded as a garment of convenience, as they are simpler to clean, put on and remove than an ensemble outfit.

If you are familiar with jumpsuits, playsuits are typically a shorter version of the jumpsuit.

The first playsuit was created in the 1930s in New York as a stylish piece of sportswear.

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From then on, fashion designers have gone on to diversify the garment into different styles and fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, terry cloth and cotton Jersey.

Rompers just as playsuits are casually comfortable to wear during hot weather.

They can also be donned for a dance at a nightclub, when stepping out for shopping, exercising and a host of other things that require easiness to your body.

Why wear a jumpsuit


Contemporary playsuits and rompers are stylish and eye-catching, making them the perfect outfit for women who love to make a statement.

Though stylish, the two costumes are principally dress-down outfits.

To appear cooler, you can complement the look with jewelry, a blazer, sandals and sunglasses.

One of the city socialites donning a well-accesorized romper


If you avoid playsuits and rompers because you aren’t sure how they’ll look on your body, you may be surprised by how flattering they can be.

Playsuits, because of their adjustability to body shapes, they look adorable on every person.

Playsuits can be so flattering


The two gears are some of the most comfortable clothing items around.

Unlike other flexible attires like maxi dresses, playsuits and rompers provide an amazing range of movement, making them easy and comfy no matter the occasion.

Tips for choosing Playsuits

Pick the right length

If your playsuit is meant to appear tailored and formal, it’s important to find the fit in the rise (crotch).

But if you are going for something looser, casual and a bit more oversized, then a drop crotch is acceptable.

Style for your shape

Whether you are top or bottom heavy, pear, apple, or hourglass shape, picking the right playsuit is all about how to choose the right well-fitting top and shorts at the same time.

For example, big boobs will benefit from a V neck, strapless with great support, or a shirt-style top worn with the first few buttons undone.

Pear shape looks great with volume or embellishment around the neckline and shoulders.

As for petite ladies, stick to fitted pieces only since the oversized ones will only overwhelm your frame.

Hellen Lukoma picked a perfect outfit for her size

Accessories, fabrics, colors and prints

For the office, make it smart with a structured blazer, simple jewelry, neutral color, and classic footwear.

For the weekend, make lounging look stylish with bright and breezy playsuit paired with canvas sneakers or cute summer sandals.

For evening, spark the night up with bling such as sequins or lace playsuit, or pair your smart playsuit with glam pieces like a pair of statement heels, a contrasting belt and a great evening clutch.


Go with flat gladiator sandals – or even flip flops – for a sunny day, and consider a pair of ballet flats, sneakers, even booties for a walk around town.

When it comes to a formal look, for the office for example, pick a pair of classic shoes such as court heels, while at the party you can go with the festive and glamour ones.

Below are some photos to guide you:

A perfect choice of a playsuit can easily make you stand out than any other outfit


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